Home Inspections

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Home inspections occur when paid professional inspectors — oftentimes contractors or engineers — inspect the property, searching for problems or other defects that might cause the homeowner issues later on. Inspectors typically represent the buyer and/or paid by the buyer, with fees ranging from $250 to $500+ based on the square footage. Home inspections take place after purchase contracts between buyers and sellers have been signed.

What About Inspections?

Yes! Buying any property without an inspection is a risky proposition. Major repairs can amount to thousands of dollars. Structural, plumbing, electrical or HVAC problems can be significant and complex, and expensive to fix.

How Do I Find An Inspector?

Real estate agents are great sources. Inspectors are listed in the phone book, or a quick Google search will net dozens (if not hundreds) of results. Always ask for the inspector's credentials, such as the contractor's license information or an engineering certificate.

BC Adobe Realty suggests WDHI for real estate inspections in Clark County, Nevada. They can be reached at (702) 830-4080 or visit the WDHI website to schedule an appointment. We also suggest that you contact Home Shield Inspections at (702) 232-5799 or Spectrum Inspection Group at (702) 269-6716 to compare rates. You can check the American Society of Home Inspection for any Master Inspectors.

What Gets Inspected?

A complete general inspection includes a thorough examination of the property for non-functioning items and systems, as well as damages and repairs that may be needed. Per WDHI, this includes:

1. Plumbing;
2. Bathroom;
3. Roof & Attic;
4. Site & Grounds;
5. Electrical System;
6. Surface Drainage;
7. Windows & Doors;
8. Interior & Exterior;
9. Garage (if applicable);
10. Kitchen & Appliances;
11. Foundation & Support;
12. Structural Components;
13. Insulation & Ventilation;
14. Heating & HVAC Systems.

More Information

Our real estate agents are excellent sources for learning about home inspections. BC Adobe Realty would love to assist you with the purchase of your Boulder City / Greater Las Vegas Area property. If you have any questions, please reach out to us by email or call (702) 293-1707.